Bobby van der Sluis

Hello, my name is Bobby van der Sluis. I am a creative technologist based in the Netherlands. I work in the historical inner city of Amsterdam at a product invention lab named Handmade. Please visit my LinkedIn profile if you would like to read more about my professional life.


  • The future of audio

    Remember sharing homemade mixtapes with your friends? We've come a long way since then.


This section contains an archive of selected old articles and projects. Its main purpose is to preserve some of the Internet's digital past.

  • My TheFWA interview

    Rob Ford interviewed me for TheFWA.

  • HTML5 and friends

    Presentation I gave at Blast Radius' Biertje o'clock about the advent of a powerful open web platform.

  • Supersize that background, please!

    Learn how create full-screen backgrounds that resize to fit the viewport using CSS3 backgrounds and CSS3 media queries.

  • Using timeline labels to dispatch events with the ActionScript 3.0 TimelineWatcher class

    Use the ActionScript TimelineWatcher class to programmatically monitor the timeline while keeping it separate from your application logic.

  • SWFObject 2 masterclass

    My presentation for the <head> 2008 online conference. Learn how to use SWFObject 2 to embed Adobe Flash content into web pages.

  • SWFObject 2: The fine art of embedding Adobe Flash Player content

    My presentation for FITC Amsterdam. It shortly discusses the history and goals of the SWFObject 2.0 project, thoroughly explains the underlying problems it aims to solve, and gives an overview of the final solution.

  • SWFObject

    SWFObject 2 is an open source project by Geoff Stearns, Michael Williams and myself with the goal to unify and improve all existing Flash Player embed methods. It is the successor of SWFObject 1.5, the Adobe Flash Player Detection Kit and UFO.

  • Flash Player embed test suite

    The Flash Player embed test suite assesses the browser support for various markup-based plug-in embed methods. It includes information on parameters about support for different Flash content publish settings, streaming, and scriptability.

  • Flash Embedding Cage Match

    Ever had to embed Flash into a web page and just been plain confounded about the best way to do it? Be confused no more! In this article I cut through the arguments and opinions about the many techniques available.

  • Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO)

    UFO is an unobtrusive DOM script that detects and embeds Flash objects and contains several other great features.

  • Modern JavaScript, tien vuistregels wijzen je de weg

    The Dutch translation of "Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005" for one of Dutch finest online magazines.

  • Unobtrusive dynamic select boxes

    Learn how to create accessible dynamic select boxes using unobtrusive JavaScript and progressive enhancement.

  • Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005

    Learn how to create modern JavaScript code using the latest techniques, like unobtrusive scripting, handy tools and common sense.

  • Exploring Footers

    With old-school table layout methods, vertical positioning is a piece of cake. With CSS layout, it's a piece of something else. In this article I show how to regain control of footers and other vertically positioned layout elements via CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM.

  • Behind the scenes of Garden Party

    The process and thoughts behind my CSS Zen Garden submission.

  • Garden Party

    My contribution to CSS Zen Garden. Zen Garden is an online showcase that demonstrates what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.